Nieuwe Haarlem Pinotage, 2022, Paarl, South Africa


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Here at the Humble HQ we have a fondness for the underdog varietals, and when the opportunity to snatch a Pinotage for our collection sprung up, we leapt and found the ultimate Pinotage. Nieuwe Haarlem’s Pinotage hails from Paarl, one of the oldest wine-producing areas in South Africa, which has a rich tapestry of soils to create rambunctious reds that explode with oodles of complexity, and the one that is in your glass does that just right. Ticking all the boxes to cut the mustard for all Pinotage disciples, this is one Pinotage to unite them all.


GRAPE: Pinotage
COUNTRY: South Africa
STYLE: Spicy And Fruity
METHOD: Sustainable