Winzer Familie Gregor Schup, Pinot Noir, 2015, Thermenregion, Austria

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Deep in the heart of the Austrian Wienerwald, in the little town of Guntramsdorf, lies Winzer Familie Gregor Schup. For over 300 years they’ve lived here, where Eastern-European climate meets warm and damp Atlantic air, learning to cultivate quality fruits from vines grown close to The Eichkogel mountain (just 367m above sea level). The Eichkogel is a UNESCO recognised biosphere, so the conservation and sustainability of it’s land and ecosystem is lawfully protected. It’s fair to say, optimising berries for exquisite wine has become almost a sixth sense to them today. They truly are perfectionists of nature. What their land yields is respected, and what‘s respected reaps big rewards. It is undoubtedly the Schup family’s respect and expertise, that makes their wines so palpably unique.


GRAPE: Pinot Noir
COUNTRY: Austria
REGION: Thermenregion
STYLE: Earthy And Complex
METHOD: Low Sulphite
METHOD: Sustainable