Wines of South Africa Letterbox Wine Tasting Kit

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Wine tasting event
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Be the master of your virtual wine tasting

South Africa is the oldest of the new world wine regions riddled with dramatic deep valleys, cliff edges where vines face scorching sunshine and their fruit gobbled by baboons and porcupines. We love The Rainbow Nation (not just because our founder is a bokkie), for its landscapes, and diverse wines that have a tendency of roaring with oodles of flavours.

How it works:

Open your kit that just flew through your letterbox. Set up 4 glasses on your tasting mat (psst, it’s in your box!), grab your Humble Stories booklet (also in your box!) and you’re off on a whirlwind wine adventure. 

What's in the box: 
Blackwater The Underdog Chenin Blanc, 2019, Swartland
Bartinney Chardonnay, 2017/18, Stellenbosch
Blackwater Zeitgeist Cinsault, 2017, Darling
Rainbow's End Cabernet Franc, 2017, Stellenbosch
TYPE: Wine Tasting Event
GRAPE: Cabernet Franc
GRAPE: Chardonnay
GRAPE: Chenin Blanc
GRAPE: Cinsault
COUNTRY: South Africa
REGION: Darling
REGION: Stellenbosch
REGION: Swartland
METHOD: Organic