Weingut Würtzberg, Scivaro Riesling Halbtrocken, 2022, Mosel, Germany

White Wine

White Riesling germany image Germany

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Never have we been blown away so quickly with the quality of a new producer! Annelena, and her 26 year old winemaker brother Felix Heimes are the dynamic duo making the magic happen.

Produced on 12 hectares of some of the steepest slopes in the wine world, so everything is done by hand (far too steep for those poor old tractors!). Originally planted way back in 1898 by Maria Puricelli who also helped to build the original estate, the Heimes family now own this amazing, sustainable, winery, and keep getting better year after year.

Very slightly off-dry (although it hardly tastes it!) as the grapes are picked slightly later than usual. It maintains its refreshing nature with that typical Riesling crisp acidity.


TYPE: White
GRAPE: Riesling
COUNTRY: Germany
METHOD: Sustainable