Weingut Von Winning Forster Ungeheuer Riesling GG, 2019, Pfalz, Germany

White Wine

White Riesling germany image Germany


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Tremendously complex, immensely aromatic, enormously age-worthy, outrageously sexy and colossally impressive. No wonder this wine has just won Großes Gewächs classification - “Great Growth”: the highest classification for dry wines. Wonderful decanted before drinking.

Ungeheuer can be translated as tremendous, immense, enormous, outrageous or colossal. Not words you would normally use to describe Riesling. But this is no normal Riesling. 

Humble heroes. From their intriguing (and award-winning) Rieslings to their groundbreaking Pinot Noirs, we love every wine and winemaker from this family-run estate. Founded in 1849 by Dr. Deinhard, developed by his son-in-law Leopold von Winning in 1907, the estate was revived in 2007 by Achim Niederberger, together with the Bassermann-Jordan and von Buhl properties. Tragically Herr Niederberger died in 2013, and his wife Jana now steers the ship. No herbicides, no synthetic fertilisers, no copper, no filtering and no fining. Every bottle is a winner.

Click below to hear more about the Weingut Von Winning, from Andreas Hütwohl of the estate. 


TYPE: White
GRAPE: Riesling
COUNTRY: Germany