Tour de France Letterbox Wine Tasting Kit

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Wine tasting event
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Be the master of your virtual wine tasting

Have a hankering to discover what makes La France the OG of all wine regions? Pedal through the French countryside with these four beauts of wine and pedal through the discover styles that are wine cheerleaders of their distinctive regions.

How it works:
Open your kit that just flew through your letterbox. Set up 4 glasses on your tasting mat (psst, it’s in your box!), grab your Humble Stories booklet (also in your box!) and you’re off on a whirlwind wine adventure. 
What's in the box: 
Domaine Allimant-Laugner, Gewürztraminer, 2017, Alsace
Domaine Raymond Morin La Jalousie, 2014/15, Anjou, Loire Valley
Domaine Garnier & Fils, Epineuil Pinot Noir, 2018, Burgundy
Domaine Terres Georges Quintessence, 2017, Minervois, Languedoc-Roussillon
TYPE: Wine Tasting Event
GRAPE: Chenin Blanc
GRAPE: Gewurztraminer
GRAPE: Grenache
GRAPE: Pinot Noir
GRAPE: Syrah
REGION: Alsace
REGION: Burgundy
REGION: Languedoc
REGION: Loire Valley
METHOD: Organic