Torre Bisenzio, Il Pugnalone, 2016, Umbria IGT, Italy

Red Wine

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Red Sangiovese Merlot Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon Italy image Italy


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Neena and Mike Rees purchased Torre Bisenzio Estate in 2003 when it was in a state of complete ruin. Having been repurposed for a multitude of uses since the 4th century from a church to a granary, it has been passionately restored to its original grandeur. (No easy feat!). Combining the best of local materials with modern design and technology, part of the rebuild included investment into farm buildings raising indigenous cows alongside the vineyards, olive groves, and in-house winery. The newest owners have restored it with the same passion they have for wine and the rich history and heritage of this remarkable place is utterly palpable in their produce!
REGION: Umbria
STYLE: Smooth And Structured Red
METHOD: Biodynamic
METHOD: Organic
METHOD: Sustainable