The Islander Estate Wally White, 2018, Kangaroo Island, Australia

White Wine

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Why is a Frenchie making Semillon on an Oz island? Wally? Genius? You decide.

The Islander Estate Vineyards is located near Parndana, an area originally cleared for farming by Soldier Settlers. To these Soldier Settlers, the term “Wally” was used as a nickname for someone acting a fool – unsophisticated and lacking in class. Australians often use opposites in giving nicknames. In keeping with this tradition the “Wally White”, a wine which is anything but a “Wally” – sophisticated, elegant and delicious.

Jacques Lurton is one of the world’s most famous “flying winemakers” – he’s made wine in 25 regions in 10 countries. In 1997 he visited Kangaroo Island, off Australia’s southern coast, while on honeymoon with his wife Françoise. In 2000 Lurton returned to found his own wine company. Struck by the beauty of the landscape, Jacques Lurton is now Kangaroo Island’s most enthusiastic ambassador.

TYPE: White
GRAPE: Semillon
COUNTRY: Australia
REGION: South Australia
STYLE: Creamy & Complex
METHOD: Low Sulphite
METHOD: Sustainable