Azienda Agricola San Cassiano Valpolicella DOC, 2019, Veneto, Italy

Red Wine

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The soil and streams of the Mezzane Valley have supplied life to human settlements in this region, traced back to Palaeolithic ages, and now nourish the grapes for San Cassiano’s own Valpolicella. A distinct blanketing of summer fruits, cut with sour cherry notes, deliver a mouthful of this tannin-rich red, that is light, fresh and delightfully dynamic. Centuries of shifting landscapes, cultural identities, and modernisation of agricultural means, hasn’t detracted from the quality of San Cassiano’s very traditional wine-making. Italian heritage of which you can truly taste.

Deep amongst the rolling hills of the Mazzane Valley, Northern Italy, lies an unassuming little town that’s home to nature’s protectors, brave mountain bikers, and a patchwork of dainty houses and sun-kissed olive trees. It’s also the centre of where something truly exciting is taking place - it goes by the name of San Cassiano. Founder of one particularly special vineyard, Mirko, acquired a piece of this lush green paradise in 2004, including an oil mill, cellar, fourteen hectares of vineyard and seven olive trees; he called it ‘Azienda Agricola San Cassiano’. Ever since, they have seen their grapes ripen spectacularly in the summer sun, and intensify further with increased natural sugar levels. The vineyard is a rare breed. The land and environment is rich, fertile and simply perfect for growing, which allows the fruit to develop naturally, without fertilisers, excessive irrigation or other means of human intervention. Azienda Agricola San Cassiano place their trust in the hands of Mother Nature, and it is only ever her fruit they will use to make their wine.

GRAPE: Corvina
GRAPE: Corvinone
GRAPE: Rondinella
REGION: Veneto
METHOD: Organic