Rosé Tasting - Battersea

Rosé Tasting - Battersea

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It's so super-fashionable that it's tempting to see rosé as a modern invention (and the process that's used to make it is fascinating, ask a a dozen HG winemakers about their maceration methods to get a dozen different answers). But the earliest wines were almost certainly pink in colour. The ancient Greeks and Romans preferred lighter and fruitier styles to tannin-heavy reds.

Anyone who's sat on a sunny balcony near water, a glass of something pink and fresh in their hand, knows exactly where they were coming from. Rosé is the bomb; perfect a summer afternoon...

… or a summer evening at Humble Grape. Learn about the history and processes of rosé winemaking from our experts, try six of our favourites (plus nibbles) so you can explore different flavours and get your preferences on lock, then show up to your next summer BBQ holding something fresh and fashionable with the facts to back it up.

The Rosé Renaissance is well under way. Time to get a classical education.