Quinta de Saes Tobias, 2016, Dão, Portugal

Red Wine

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Find out why this region is called the Burgundy of Portugal. Just Dão it.

Named after Maria’s basset hound, Tobias, whom the Humble Team renamed “George” on their trip to visit to Dão. An elegant but mysterious blend.  Álvaro Castro and his daughter Maria have created a soft and dangerously drinkable red in this wine. The only small problem is that because the vineyard is planted in the traditional Portuguese manner, i.e. with everything thrown in together, they can't tell you exactly what the blend is. When it tastes this good though, we'll forgive them.

Álvaro Castro and his daughter Maria are widely acknowledged as being the leading producers in Portugal's Dão region, known as the Burgundy of Portugal because of the elegance of its wines. Álvaro was a civil engineer who inherited the family property in 1980. The farm has been in existence since the 16th Century, but only started making its own wines under Álvaro, prior to this its grapes were sold for blending.

GRAPE: Tempranillo
COUNTRY: Portugal