Domaine Laurent Perrachon et Fils, Roche Bleue, Juliénas, 2018, Beaujolais, France

Red Wine

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Red 100% Gamay france image France


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Red fruit, intense colour, light but racy. So full of life it's practically got a pulse.

The taste of history. We don't mean that you'll find notes of broken pottery, aromas of dusty leather bound books, the lingering hush of a museum and an aftertaste of dented armour. No, we're referring to the fact that the Perrachon name has been known in Juli̩nas for over 400 years. That's some provenance, and you can taste all those centuries of love in this intense, fresh Gamay.

Records show that Perrachon's winemaking ancestry goes back to at least 1601, so they are pretty proud of their tradition. Ever since then, the family have been adding new vineyards to the domain. They now have 26 hectares spanning 8 appellations and 6 Crus. Martine, Laurent and their children grow their vines sustainably and focus on selling their wines through little guys who love them, like Humble Grape.

GRAPE: Gamay
REGION: Beaujolais