Matic Wines A Love Story in 3 Acts: Šipon, 2019, Stajerska, Slovenia

White Wine

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Slovenian term for Furmint, but we love to keep it as Šipon. Knock it back in the sun and forget about your problems. So easy to drink.

Matic's humble nature is reflected tenfold in the wine he produces. He doesn't have a website and is only contactable on via the odd message (and occasionally social media). He's a true obsessor when it comes to experimentation and exploration with his winemaking. Basically, he's a bookworm who will try anything to see if it works - and goodness knows it works! The attention to his craft transcends the wine itself and features in his labelling too. His flagship "A Love Story in 3 Acts", wine depicts rivers, to layers of rock, and finally maturation. Each of his "acts" play a vital part in telling the real story of Matic's rather outstanding wines.

TYPE: White
GRAPE: Sipon
COUNTRY: Slovenia
REGION: Stajerska
METHOD: Low Sulphite