Matic Wines A Love Story in 3 Acts: Sauvignon Blanc, 2019, Stajerska, Slovenia

White Wine

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Vibrant Sauvy B that knows how to wield the slickest katana blade

Matija’s A Love Story in 3 Acts: Sauvignon Blanc is a celebration of vibrant tropical fruit frolic in the grass on a warm spring day and we couldn’t be more game to romp along. But make no mistake, these characterful fruits come with a backbone of slick acidity that can make a katana blade seem dull. Matija’s Sauvy B spends 2 days on the golden skins before it is pressed into steel tanks and spends 4 months on the fine lees for an additional layer of complex texture and with very low amounts of sulphites. True to Matija’s respect for nature and hands-off winemaking, this (almost guilt-free) Sauvignon Blanc is an invitation to experience happiness in a glass.

Matic's humble nature is reflected tenfold in the wine he produces. He doesn't have a website and is only contactable via the odd message (and occasionally social media). He's a true obsessor when it comes to experimentation and exploration with his winemaking. A bookworm who will try anything to see if it works - and goodness knows it works and shows in his low intervention wines. Based in Stajerska, Slovenia, young Matic farms 9 hectares with the aim to preserve his piece of land for his children to play in and to carry on the good and honest work he does on the pale blue dot.

TYPE: White
GRAPE: Sauvignon Blanc
COUNTRY: Slovenia
REGION: Stajerska
METHOD: Low Sulphite