Matic Wines A Love Story in 3 Acts: Kerner, 2019, Stajerska, Slovenia

White Wine

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Kerner is the grape variety that every winemaker dreams of cultivating: resistant to that same biting spring frosts that make you walk a little faster to the train in the morning and ultimately, Kerner doesn't care where it's grown.

Matic's humble nature is reflected tenfold in the wine he produces. He doesn't have a website and is only contactable on via the odd message (and occasionally social media). He's a true obsessor when it comes to experimentation and exploration with his winemaking. Basically, he's a bookworm who will try anything to see if it works - and goodness knows it works! The attention to his craft transcends the wine itself and features in his labelling too. His flagship "A Love Story in 3 Acts", wine depicts rivers, to layers of rock, and finally maturation. Each of his "acts" play a vital part in telling the real story of Matic's rather outstanding wines.

TYPE: White
COUNTRY: Slovenia
REGION: Stajerska