Massimo Rattalino Periplo Gavi

Massimo Rattalino Periplo Gavi

White Wine

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White 100% Cortese Italy image Italy

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Varietal, terroir & techniques combine. A wine tour in a bottle?

Cortese di Gavi (or just Gavi) is made with 100% Cortese and comes from a small commune on the edge of Piedmont. As befits a border territory where lots of influences and cultures meet, this is harmoniously balanced, delicate and dry with a real freshness to it.

Land is land. Wine is wine. Massimo’s wines argue otherwise. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Alba, lies Massimo Rattalino’s small vineyard in the recognised UNESCO World Heritage site, Barbaresco. Prudent and passionate for this legendary land, Massimo looks after his vineyards with the utmost care, and is guided by a respect for tradition.