Massimo Rattalino Langhe DOC Nebbiolo sel. 26, 2017, Piedmont, Italy

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Langhe, comes from the Italian for tongue. Pop it open and tickle your tastebuds.

The best vineyards in Piedmont lie in an area called the Langhe (from lingue - tongue) because the mountains are said to be shaped like tongues. The Langhe is also home to one of the most famous grapes in the world, Nebbiolo. Nebbiolo is said to also run through our Humble Wine Geek's veins, who sometimes lets her biased Italian pride come out. Nebbiolo comes from the Italian word, nebbia which means cloudy because of its thin skin, which can almost be misconstrued for a rosé.

Land is land. Wine is wine. Massimo's wines argue otherwise. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Alba, lies Massimo Rattalino's small vineyard in the recognised UNESCO World Heritage site, Barbaresco. Prudent and passionate for this legendary land, Massimo looks after his vineyards with the utmost care, and is guided by a respect for tradition.


GRAPE: Nebbiolo
REGION: Piedmont