Llopart Rosé Brut

Llopart Rosé Brut


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sparkling 60% Monastrell; 20% Garnacha; 20% Pinot Noir France


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Shortbread, strawberries & cream. Leaves a smile on your face.

Pure bottled joy. This tastes like cartwheels of happiness, the first day of your holiday, unexpected romance, scrumping summer strawberries, grinning from ear to ear or finding a £20 note on an empty street. What will you do with that £20 note? Buy a bottle of Llopart Ros̩é Reserva Brut and keep the joy alive, that's what we'd recommend.

A Latin document shows that the Llopart estate has been making wine since 1385. But in 1887 they made the decision to ditch the wheat fields and olive groves they were also tending, to focus on the production of Cava, making it the second oldest Cava house in the world.