Les Freres Laffitte Rosé

Les Freres Laffitte Rosé

Rose Wine

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Rose Cabernet Franc & Tannat france image France


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Brothers-in-arms in a glass: two related varietals with a great relationship.

Come here, you ray of sunshine. Red summer fruits, first a bouquet, then a basket, are countered by juuuuuust enough citrus refreshment. Drink after an hour in the warm sun, tilt your head back and drift.

Bas-Armagnac is known as the home of the swashbuckling D'Artagnan, and the brothers Laffitte have an "all for one and one for all"vibe to them (the vineyard logo surely isn't meant to look like two lions fist-bumping, but now we've said it you won't ever be able to unsee it). Their vines are planted on the highest hills on the borders of Gascony, also known as "Little Tuscany" for its hilly and varied landscapes.