Les Frères Laffitte Colombard et Ugni Blanc

White Wine

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White 100% Ugni Blanc france image France


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Oh, the humidity! Beat the office sweats with this: zesty and refreshing.

Colombard and Ugni Blanc share characteristics such as high acidity and slightly reduced alcohol content, making this the ideal lunch-date companion. (We're not necessarily encouraging lunchtime drinking, we're just saying that if you wanted to this would be perfect for it. Oh, who are we kidding.) Big, zesty/citrusy flavours like pear, white peach and lemon zest. Fruity and refreshing. Zing!

Bas-Armagnac is known as the home of the swashbuckling D'Artagnan, and the brothers Laffitte have an all for one and one for all vibe to them (the vineyard logo surely isn't meant to look like two lions fist-bumping, but now we've said it you won't ever be able to unsee it). Their vines are planted on the highest hills on the borders of Gascony, also known as "Little Tuscany" for its hilly and varied landscapes.