Kvaszinger Borászat Furmint Superior, 2017, Tokaj, Hungary

White Wine

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The Kvaszinger's arrived in Tokaj, from Prussia in the 1800s. They immediately put down roots and one of them was employed as the local baron’s steward. In 1929, winemaker Laszlo Kvaszinger’s great-grandfather Ödön paid the baron’s gambling debts and received Hatalos vineyard as a token of his appreciation. The Kvaszinger's held onto the property for the rest of the 20th century, through two World Wars and Hungary’s bout with Communism – and today, they are expanding the winery’s holdings under the leadership of László Kvaszinger, Jr. He's a winemaker, export manager, enologist and he embodies everything that Humble Grape loves: great wine, humility and hard work.
TYPE: White
GRAPE: Furmint
COUNTRY: Hungary