Iberian Peninsula Wine Tasting: Battersea - February 27, 2019

Iberian Peninsula Wine Tasting: Battersea - February 27, 2019

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So once January’s done and dusted, we can’t help but look forward to a spot of warmer weather - how about you? Our thoughts are practically always on holiday... (we do work hard, we promise!) But we know summer is just beyond the horizon, and with it, comes the perfect climate for grape-growing across Europe - the Iberian peninsula in particular!

Not far off of revolutionary, the Iberian Peninsula has undergone something of renaissance in it’s wine-making the last few decades. And so to celebrate, in true Humble fashion, we’re charging right into a tasting full of rich, hot Iberians, erupting with the most exquisite flavours and full bodies. ‘Like a bull to a red rag’ might just be an understatement! (Can you tell we’re excited?)

The Mediterranean sun will shine just for us, come February time. We’ll have a host of robust reds to seduce your tastebuds, showcasing blended notes of ripe fruit, figs, bitter cherries, and subtle hints of mint - variety is very much the spice of Spanish and Portuguese life! The array of flavours will stretch your senses even further with fine toasted oak giving off splendid aromas of caramel and coffee. We never said it wouldn’t be intense! (We will also be factoring in some siesta time for you, just in case you were wondering…).

In what we expect to be a colourful and spirited celebration of Iberian grapes from the Spanish and Portuguese slopes and beyond, come and join us. We'll kick off with a glass of Fino Sherry at 6:30pm followed by a guided wine tasting of 6 delicious wines, all accompanied by our certifiably delicious Humble Platters.

Though a word of warning - this may result in some very early holiday booking… You heard it here first!