Gönc Winery Turbo Diesel Injection, Šmarnica, 2020, Rabelčja vas, Ptuj, Slovenia

White Wine

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Peter calls this grape that could survive a nuclear winter. Šmarnica is a hybrid variety that survived phylloxera, that can take over the vineyard like an annoying weed. This grape is so tough, that Peter says it takes him 8 hours to press the skins, whereas some varieties only take 1 hour. Unfortunately, it has a bad reputation because of a rumour was spread that it could make you go blind and die (those pesky winemakers who never cleaned out their barrels). The label features the old Soviet Union Lada Car. Why? Peter reckons to drink a lot of this, and you will go crawling on all fours everywhere, but slowly. We can confirm that we drank loads, and are still alive and kicking.

Meet one of our hero producers, Peter Gönc. Classic rock marketeer turned winemaking maestro, when he lost his job in the city, Peter went back to his dad's vineyard, working his way up and eventually taking it over. He's a one-man winemaking band and is a massive classic rock fan, which is expressed heavily in his labels as well. When wine meets music, it's always a truly rocking combination in Slovenia, and trust us, when we say there is no winemaking to had in Gönc Winery without some seriously good tunes playing in the background!

TYPE: White
GRAPE: Smarnica
COUNTRY: Slovenia