Gönc Winery Pinot Noir, 2018, Rabelčja vas, Ptuj, Slovenia

Red Wine

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Not all heroes wear capes. They wear black, and grow perms! Some even make wine too! Now that’s what we call heroic… Peter Gönc virtually does all three, and what a winemaker he is. Coming from a marketeering background, he later took over his Dad’s vineyard, and has turned it into one of the most exciting wineries in Europe. He’s a classical fan as well, so good tunes playing is essential to his creative process! Like the perfect setlist of old and new material, Peter’s struck a perfect balance of the old and new in his historically-inspired, but modern-made G136. Pinot Noir has rarely made louder sounds. Turn it up to 11!

Meet one of our hero producers, Peter Gönc. Classic rock marketeer turned winemaking maestro, when he lost his job in the city, Peter went back to his dad's vineyard, working his way up and eventually taking it over. He's a one-man winemaking band and is a massive classic rock fan, which is expressed heavily in his labels as well. When wine meets music, it's always a truly rocking combination in Slovenia, and trust us, when we say there is no winemaking to had in Gönc Winery without some seriously good tunes playing in the background!

GRAPE: Pinot Noir
COUNTRY: Slovenia