Giro d'Italia Letterbox Wine Tasting Kit

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Be the master of your virtual wine tasting

Italy is just about Pizza and Pasta, right? 🤌 But of course not  🤌 Journey through the gawgeous Tuscan hills down to a furious volcano that renders wines that make 100-year-old knarled vines tremble through indigenous varietals that represent just the tip of Italian iceberg.

How it works:
Open your kit that just flew through your letterbox. Set up 4 glasses on your tasting mat (psst, it’s in your box!), grab your Humble Stories booklet (also in your box!) and you’re off on a whirlwind wine adventure. 
What's in the box: 
Casata Mergè Venere, 2018, Lazio IGT
Cantina Ronca Garganega, 2017, Veneto IGT
La Colombina Rosso di Montalcino DOC, 2017, Tuscany, Italy
Girolamo Russo 'a Rina, 2017, Etna DOC, Sicily, Italy
TYPE: Wine Tasting Event
GRAPE: Barbera
GRAPE: Garganega
GRAPE: Malvasia
GRAPE: Sangiovese
GRAPE: Trebbiano
REGION: Piedmont
REGION: Tuscany
METHOD: Organic