Ghisolana Prosecco Over 100, NV, Asolo DOCG, Veneto, Italy


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Sparkling 100% Glera Italy image Italy


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One of the most aristocratic Proseccos around. This is not just fruit frivolous fizz.

Prosecco is just fruity frivolous fizz, isn't it? Well yes and no. This fun Prosecco is a sure-fire party starter packed with fruity flavour. But it also has a serious side and is anything but mass-produced. Grapes are handpicked in the heart of the exceptional Asolo Superiore region from a tiny 3 hectare plot of organic 100 year old vines, these are then fermented without adding sulphur.

"Ghisola" a word meaning "purity"in old Italian + Asolano, the growing district = Ghisolana: a small family-run winery that's been in business since 1929 in the heart of the Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG zone. Second generation vineyard manager Ernesto farms 3 hectares of over 100 year old vines organically.

TYPE: Sparkling
GRAPE: Glera
REGION: Veneto