First Drop 'Vivo' Arneis

White Wine

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Arneis is a rarity in Oz. Forget your G&T, this Arneis will quench and refresh.

First Drop are the only winery to get Arneis into Matthew Jukes' Best 100 Australian Wines. And they did it with this wine. Matthew Jukes said: "This wine smashes limp PG [Pinot Grigio] and cowardly SB [Sauvignon Blanc] in the gob." And went on to say: "Vivo is in a different league to virtually every other version of this grape that I have tasted, including all but a handful of Piemontese wines."

Two kindred spirits from opposite sides of the globe but with a shared commitment to kick-arse booze, Matt and JR are all about what they call Mother's Milk: wines full of life, fun and flavour. They use eclectic varieties from unique vineyards in the great regions of the Barossa, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Val mix innovation with tradition, and stick them in eye-catching bottles. They make wines for drinking, not just appreciating. How could we not be fans of that?