First Drop Mothers Milk Shiraz, Barossa, Australia

Red Wine

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Made by an Essex-boy who narrowly escaped enlistment, to break the rules of wine.

Not a sledgehammer style, this Barossa Shiraz is made for drinking. Soft, slurpable, balanced and textured with good acidity that refreshes the palate and makes you go back for a second glass, third glass, maybe more. Sourced from two unique vineyards, matured in French oak for 12 months, it is fruit laden, savoury, smoky and dangerously easy to drink. Powerful without being heavy.

We couldn't agree more, the world needs more winemakers like Essex boy Matt. Winemakers with a sense of humour, experimentation and love. Matt was about to join the army, with its rules, regulations and restrictions. But, saved by a broken wrist in a skiing accident, he was instead conscripted by wine. Mother's Milk was his first wine. This is where it all began.