Fattoria Lornano, Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG, 2021, Tuscany, Italy

Red Wine



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Tuscany… meet Siena; Colli Senesi is one of the finest bottles in the 8 sub-zones of Chianti. High-quality, nutrient-rich soil covers some of the most famed vineyard areas in all of Tuscany, and the Lornano vineyard is full of the stuff. This multi-layered bottle holds a bolstered base flavour of crunchy cherries, with delicate overtones of old saddle leather; a stunning symphony conducted by it’s grand terroir.

Toscana to the Italians, Tuscany is the quintessential Italian wine region. Here, where the Renaissance was born and where wine has always been the most humble of Tuscan comforts—on the table at every meal (breakfast excepted); sometimes, with a piece of bread, a meal in itself. It’s where the wonderful folks at Fattoria Lornano practice a sustainable model of agriculture which promotes equilibrium with the environment and preserves natural resources. They've produced high-quality wines free of chemical fertilizers and herbicides, since fourth generation Pozzoli's, Nicolò and Galileo, commandeered the ship. Tuscan winemaking, for Tuscan people; It's a recipe that’s simple, and incredible.


GRAPE: Sangiovese
REGION: Chianti
REGION: Tuscany