Wine Tasting Kit - Delivered Through Your Letterbox

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Wine tasting event
Next business day delivery on orders placed before 11.30am if delivery is to London. Outside of London this may take 3-5 working days.

While we may be sold out of this wine online, email to get our staff members to see if it's available at our wine shop.

Humble Grape Virtual Wine Tastings delivered straight through your Letterbox

Open the box, hop on zoom with your workmates and virtually discover a region or country that you’ve had a hankering to get to know. Set up 4 glasses on your HG tasting mat (psst, it’s in your box!), grab your Humble Stories booklet (also in your box!), log into your zoom room (you're no doubt a pro by now) and you’re off on a whirlwind wine adventure with one of our entertaining WSET Certified wine geeks.

No one likes a party for one, so we’ve doubled up on each of the wines. Grab a wine-loving partner to join you on your Humble Grape virtual wine tasting adventure.

4 handcrafted wines, your world wine.

Themes to choose from:
*Tour de France - French tasting *Giro d'Italia - Italian tasting *South Africa - South African tasting

Each box includes:

-4 samples at 100ML each *1 Tasting Mat *1 Tasting Note

TYPE: Wine Tasting Event
GRAPE: Cabernet Franc
GRAPE: Chenin Blanc
GRAPE: Gamay
GRAPE: Garganega
GRAPE: Pinot Noir
GRAPE: Sangiovese
GRAPE: Sauvignon Blanc
COUNTRY: Portugal
COUNTRY: South Africa
REGION: Beaujolais
REGION: Sicily
REGION: Tuscany