el Maestro Sierra Amontillado

el Maestro Sierra Amontillado


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Sherry 100% Palomino


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Amontillado is darker than a Fino but lighter than an Oloroso.

It's very nutty and toasty due to the oxidative effects during production. The label shows a fox on the run from hounds and hunters. For El Maestro - ever the underdogs (under...foxes?) - it's a reminder to stay away from conformity and always keep on the move.

The kind of underdog story we love. There once was a humble cooper named Jose Antonio Sierra, a master of the craft of Sherry wine thanks to his barrel workshop in the La Merced district of Jerez. Despite being not being part of the snobbish wine aristocracy, he dared to dream. And now, 180 years after its creation, El Maestro Sierra combines traditional wine-making with artisan character. The bodega is still family owned (by a badass nonagenarian), and that family continues to age, bottle and export wines of the Jerez-X̩r̬s-Sherry D.O.