DOUBLEHEADER: Winemaker Tapas and Tasting with Gönc & Matic (Battersea)

Monthly Events

£65.00 (inc VAT)


Wednesday 20 Nov., 7 PM at Humble Grape Battersea (2 Battersea Rise, London, SW11 1ED)

•  Hosted by Peter, the winemaker from Gönc Wines, AND Matic, the winemaker from Matic Wines, both from beautiful Slovenia
•  Take a seat at the table to about their wines from vineyard to label (& stories of their friendship along the way)
•  Served with a variety of delicious seasonal tapas dishes
•  £65 per person
Meet Peter Gönc.  He started out as a marketer and put his notes up towards his pop's trade, which was a vineyard. But when he lost his job, his dad paid him sub-minimum wage at the family winery, provided him living and board, but made Peter do all the dirty work as a cellar rat. He worked his way up and took over his dad's vineyard. Peter calls himself a one man band and is a massive classic rock fan, which is shown in his labels. "A story of Hungarian barrels and rock ‘n’ roll tunes." When wine meets music! There is no winemaking in Gönc Winery without good tunes playing in the background. 
Meet Matic. His humble nature is reflected tenfold in the wine he produces. He doesn't have a website and is only contactable on via the odd message (and occasionally social media). He's a true obsessor when it comes to experimentation and exploration with his winemaking. Basically, he's a bookworm who will try anything to see if it works - and goodness knows it works! The attention to his craft transcends the wine itself and features in his labelling too.