Domaine St Honorat Blanc, 2021, Côtes du Rhône, France

White Wine

White 50% Roussanne & 50% Grenache Blanc france image France


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Butterflies on the label are a nod to the organic principles of this family made wine.

This peachy and crunchy pear filled white features a happy looking butterfly on the label. However, things aren't as black and white as that label makes out. The butterfly is happy because Domaine St Honorat's vineyards are certified organic, so she isn't going to get sprayed with anything nasty, and as a bonus their wines are delicious. But their hot vineyard, right in the south of Côtes du Rhône, is battered by the cold Mistral wind, which can top 60mph. Not so fun for butterflies.

There has been a fashion for producing organic wines in recent years, but the Fabre family have always made wine organically, it is in their DNA. Made as far south as you can get in the Côtes du Rhône, here it is really hot, but the Mistral, a cold wind that can reach speeds of 60mph, whips through the vineyards and helps to keep the vines cool and dry.


TYPE: White
GRAPE: Grenache Blanc
GRAPE: Roussanne
METHOD: Biodynamic
METHOD: Organic