Domaine Raymond Morin Saumur-Champigny

Domaine Raymond Morin Saumur-Champigny

Red Wine

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100% Cabernet Franc


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Virtually unpronounceable, completely unforgettable. Serious Cabernet Franc.

Opting for a lighter wine, more often than not, will result in you getting something fruity and delicate. This Saumur-Champigny bucks that trend. Lighter body? Yes. Compromising on robust and serious flavour? Not on your nelly. A serious, sophisticated and very adult wine, with balanced tannins and savoury notes.

Domaine du Landreau is the work of the Morin family, winemakers for four generations. Currently, it is Raymond and his wife, Claude running the show. They are considered specialists of the Loire Valley, which is proven in their wide range of wines.