Domaine Michel Vattan, Cuvée ‘C-O’ Sancerre Blanc, 2020, Loire Valley, France




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Sancerre is just fruit & a bunch of sea pebbles, right? Nope, this is Sancerre Geekery 101.

Sancerre is just fruit and a bunch of sea pebbles, right? Negatory - this is Sancerre Geekery 101 at its finest. Sauvignon Blanc vines cling on for dear life on the steep south-facing slope of Cotelin, one of the oldest vineyards of Maimbray and give birth to tiny berry bombs of concentrated might. The grapes are painstakingly hand-harvested and then aged in 400L barrels for 10 months, which adds a savoury and complex foundation this Sancerre being more complex and savoury. Pascal recommends keeping this for several years, but we don’t blame you for indulging in sipping the finest liquid cashmere now.

Located Northwest of Sancerre is the sleepy storybook village of Sury En Vaux is where Roger and Andrée Vattan established the family business and purchased the first 2 football fields worth of vines in 1930. The lucky recipient of the family business was their son, Michel, who grew this pocket-sized estate into a whopping 9-hectare estate and was supported by Nathalie and Pascal Joulin, who joined the estate in 2002. Understanding the know-hows of Domaine Michel Vattan and with no Vattan heir in sight, armed Nathalie and Pascal to take over the estate in 2008. Since then, the Joulins are guided by the rhythms of Mother Nature to grow high quality fruit that transforms into nervy Sancerres of Domaine Michel Vattan.


TYPE: White
GRAPE: Sauvignon Blanc
REGION: Loire Valley
STYLE: Rich And Complex
METHOD: Low Sulphtes