Domaine la Ligière “Les Bergines”

Domaine la Ligière “Les Bergines”

Red Wine

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Red 70% Grenache & 30% Mourvèdre France


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Red fruits and spice. Hints of candied flowers and smokey minerals. Powerful fruit, a sneaky hint of spice and a gentle tannic hug at the end.

Grenache & Mourvèdre can be a powerfully fruity combo, but here the clay-limestone environment of La Ligière gives them finesse and and freshness, meaning this is still brings the BOOM but with gentle tannins and appealing sweetness.

Domaine La Ligière is a small family run biodynamic and soon to be certified organic winery. It used to part of a large coop, until it was taken over by Elizabeth and Philippe Bernard, who realised how good the grapes were and started making the wines themselves. To maintain the authenticity and purity, the wine is bottled without filtering or fining, something that can only really be done if the wine is incredibly clean and cellar practices are incredibly careful. The result is clean, silky and dark with an almost feline quality. Guaranteed to make you purr.