Domaine la Colombette Cuv̩ée Barbejo

Domaine la Colombette Cuv̩ée Barbejo

White Wine

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Souvignier Gris, Johanniter, Muscaris & unnamed others france image France


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Tropical fruit on an adventure! Light, exotic & experimental.

Fancy something weird and wonderful? Try this beautiful, experimental, certified organic, Southern French white on for size. Winemaker Francois Pugibet is championing new grape varieties in the fight to go spray free and low sulphite. This is made using Souvignier Gris, Johanniter, Muscaris and a variety of other grapes that don't have names, only numbers. Weird, huh? Fruity, floral and intensely summery, this is winemaking at its glorious cutting edge.

This winery started in 1890 when blacksmith Louis Pugibet fell in love with a winemaker and she gave him his first hectare of vines as a wedding present. Working the vineyards using his horses Louis started to build a reputation around Beziers, Languedoc. But it was his grandson Francois Pugibet who modernised the winery in 1966, replacing the horses with modern technology, doing away with herbicides and insecticides and planting more unusual grape varieties.