Domaine du Landreau Anjou Demi Sec

White Wine

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100% Chenin Blanc france image France


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Bright as a new penny, packed with more fruit than the fresh produce aisle.

Demi Sec. Fully awesome. A wine doesn't have to be dry to be sophisticated. The fashion is currently for dry wines, but remember that these things go in cycles (look at skinny jeans, beards). Off-dry Chenin Blanc from Anjou is a masterclass in, well, class. Sweetness balanced by racy freshness, and wonderful drinkability melded with subtle, nuanced complexity. The truly fashionable are ahead of the curve, not following it. Which are you?

The Morin family have been winemakers for four generations. Based in the heart of the Layon hillsides, they produce a dozen wines from three main sites. They modestly put their success down to the sheer generosity of the soils around Anjou, but they certainly know how to make the most of them. By front-loading the process basically doing much of the winemaking process in the fields and then taking their time where possible when fermenting, they create wines more expressive and sophisticated than a mime in a tuxedo.