Domaine des Aspras Licorne Cuvée Rosé

Domaine des Aspras Licorne Cuvée Rosé

Rose Wine

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Rose Grenache, Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon france image France


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The maker's motto: Know thyself. Looking for enlightenment? Follow the unicorn.

The Unicorn is a symbol of strength and beauty. Combined with the family's motto. The symbol has been representing the Latz family since the 18th century. Wines produced under the Cuv̩ée Licorne, or Unicorn, are highly sort and aged in precious wooden oak barrels. It is a mysterious alchemy that operates between wine and wood that gives Cuv̩ée Licorne it's fame.

The Domaine des Aspras follows the Latz family's motto: Know yourself. The work on their land and in the cellar is guided by the determination to make an organic wine, which is a true reflection of the exceptional land from which it grows. The Domaine des Aspras winery is located in the village of Correns, Provence, the first totally organic village in France. The total vineyard area is 25 hectares. It's an exceptional land with a modern fame. In the XIII century, the Benedictine monks of Montmajour had already acknowledged the unique wine-growing potential of this well-know area in Provence.