Domaine de la Martinette

Red Wine

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Red 100% Merlot france image France


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The Lurton family has produced 24 winemakers. This is where it all began 170 years ago.

The prodigal son returns with inspiring effect; a thoroughly modern and drinkable Bordeaux. Soft, unpretentious and accessible.

The Lurton family's winemaking history started at Domaine de la Martinette 170 years ago and has since produced twenty four winemakers, over five generations, who have worked at thirty different Bordeaux châteaux. In short the grapes don't fall too far from the Lurton vine. Jacques Lurton's interest in organic farming methods and desire to learn have taken him to Australia, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Chile and Moldova, before coming back to reinvigorate the family's ancestral vineyard.