Domaine Balland-Chapuis 'Le Chatillet' Blanc

Domaine Balland-Chapuis 'Le Chatillet' Blanc

White Wine

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100% Sauvignon Blanc France


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Breathtakingly elegant, timeless, stylish & ethereal. Grace Kelly wine.

This wine has a breathtakingly ethereal elegance. Describing it in conventional wine terms couldn't do it justice. Instead think more along the lines of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly and you will come closer to its timeless beauty, style and panache. Not your average Sancerre, this is something even more special. Hailing from the famed "Caillottes", limestone based soils that impart real poise, complexity and balance. Matured in vats on fine lees for up to 10 months gives it a rich body.

Three appellations in the Loire valley, growing three varietals, run by two dudes named Philippe: vineyard manager Philippe Bonnard and winemaker Philippe Reculet. Together they hand-pick the grapes (it's possible they get some help with this part) and manage the winemaking process with staggering attention to detail. Sancerre is famous for Sauvignon, and there's a vineroots Pinot Noir revolution a-brewing there too. The Philippes are right in the mix with both.