Bodegas De Alberto, Viña Lisonja, Verdejo, 2018 Rueda DO, Spain

White Wine

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Family matters. In any case, but especially when we’re talking about the preservation of tradition, the evolution of a craft, and passing down generations worth of skill in winemaking. Well surprisingly enough, that’s exactly what the De Alberto family have done, and seriously impressive considering their family winery has been in the family for no shorter than 350 years! The mind boggles! Their Verdejo is a product of a perfect recipe of all important aspects of winemaking. Each mouthful is a treasure on the tongue, and one that is sensory pleasure. Its the undisputed Spanish answer to Sauvignon Blanc, and makes the De Alberto’s a very special part of Spanish winemaking history.

Producers of the undisputed Spanish answer to Sauvignon Blanc, named Verdejo, the De Alberto is a family winery can be considered nothing short of trailblazers in the modern day winemaking game. That's especially impressive when you consider that the family have been around (and producing wine) for the past 350 years! It's fair to say that time has been kind to the De Alberto family. Each bottle they make is an instant treasure. Channelling generations of knowledge, a feel for their land, and a strength in character to adapt to the times makes them a very special part of Spain’s winemaking history.

TYPE: White
GRAPE: Verdejo
REGION: Rueda Do