Cypress White Label Pinot Gris, 2016, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

White Wine

£27.00 (inc VAT)

White 100% Pinot Gris new zealand image New zealand


Looking for a pinot gris to expand your winorizons? Look no further because this is pinot gris for the explorer. Here's a map of the flavours you will encounter: pebble licking goodness, fresh kiwi (pun intended), and a cheeky dash of charm.

The Lawson family founded Cypress 16 years ago. The rare hillside vineyard lies in an otherwise incredibly flat landscape. Also, the winery is in the famous Gimblett Gravels sub-region, which has similar soils to the Right Bank of Bordeaux. Here's an interesting fact: New Zealand has a wide variety of climates, which can also be found in the Italian peninsula.

TYPE: White
GRAPE: Pinot Grigio
COUNTRY: New Zealand
REGION: Hawke's Bay
VINOTYPE: Sensitive