Cypress Terraces Syrah, 2014, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Red Wine

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Red 100% Syrah new zealand image New zealand


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A full-on flavour-bomb, dark and fruity with wafts of gunsmoke. BANG.

Cranberry tart, red currant, spices, coffee, and worn down leather riding boots. In the long hot summers, the grapes get a little suntan, then this 100% Syrah spends 18 months in oak having its own little party. The result is one hell of a flavour bomb of a wine.

The Lawson family founded Cypress 16 years ago. The rare hillside vineyard lies in an otherwise incredibly flat landscape. Also, the winery is in the famous Gimblett Gravels sub-region, which has similar soils to the Right Bank of Bordeaux. Here's an interesting fact: New Zealand has a wide variety of climates, which can also be found in the Italian peninsula.

GRAPE: Syrah
COUNTRY: New Zealand
REGION: Hawke's Bay
VINOTYPE: Sensitive
VINOTYPE: Tolerant