Condor Millaman Chardonnay

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White 100% Chardonnay chile image Chile


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Named after the Andes Condor: inspiring & beautiful.

Millaman say: "Our wines honour the Millaman (the Andes Condor) who, as recognition to our hard work, has given us the joy of having in our land and the marvellous crops that produce our excellent wines. Generous bird, that.

The Peteroa volcano. A wild landscape of cliffs, ice fields and alpine lakes. High above, the rare Andean Condor can occasionally be seen in flashing gold and copper, as the normally plain plumage catches the sunset. Grown on the slopes of the same volcano, when translated from Mapuche, an indigenous language in Chile Millaman means 'Golden Condor'. The symbol of Chile and the Andes, the condor reflects the vineyard's sense of place and care for the land and surrounding community.