Clos de Chacras Cavas de Crianza Chardonnay, 2017, Mendoza, Argentina

White Wine

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White 100% Chardonnay argentina image Argentina


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A summer fling in a bottle. Tell me more: was it love at first sight?

100% Chardonnay. 100% fresh. 100% inviting. The Uco Valley of Mendoza, Argentina gets a LOT of sunlight, so those grapes are fired up and ready to go. Clos de Chacras do all their fermenting in cement tanks so it's touched near a splinter of oak. Summer just leaks out of it. Drink chilled and wear sunscreen.

The Gargantini family arrived in Argentina from Switzerland at the end of the 19th century. Don Bautista Gargantini ran a successful wine business, but over time his fortunes waned. His three wineries switched hands a few times and eventually were abandoned in the 70s. In 1987, Bautistaå's granddaughter, Silvia Gargantini, bought one of the wineries to take back the family business and honour his work. Silvia and her husband Alejandro Genoud restored the building while preserving the original architecture.

TYPE: White
GRAPE: Chardonnay
COUNTRY: Argentina
REGION: Mendoza