Château Musar White

White Wine

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White 66% Obaideh and 33% Merwah lebanon image Lebanon


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Never tried Lebanese wine? Time for a crash course: this unique blend of indigenous grapes.

Think your wine bottle has got some heritage behind it? Allow us to top it. Chateau Musar white wines are truly unique, produced from some of the oldest vineyard sites in the world dating back to 5,000 BC. Indigenous ancient grape varieties Obaideh and Merwah reputedly the ancestors of Chardonnay/Chasselas and Semillon -- are still cultivated from ungrafted vines on original rootstock. This is best after a couple of hours to breathe, and should be served cellar cool, rather than fridge chilled.

The recent history of Lebanon is both turbulent and tragic. But throughout the 15-year Lebanese Civil War and during more recent periods of conflict  the Hochar family of Chateau Musar have kept making wines (they only missed two vintages during the entire war, a feat of bravery and tenacity that earned Serge Hochar the inaugural Decanter Man of the Year award). Though their wines have been compared to prestigious Old World regions like Burgundy and Bordeaux they are really a unique product of the Lebanese landscape, using ancient indigenous grapes.