Château Puy Mouton Allégorie, 2016, Bordeaux, France

Red Wine

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Red 100% Merlot france image France


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Classic Claret from UNESCO World Heritage site. Contains no lentils or mutton.

Only 250 cases made. An allegory is a literary device that extends a metaphor into symbolic device with a hidden meaning, and this glorious, silky smooth Merlot tells a transporting tale of soil and vines that'll tach you everything you need to know about Puy Mouton's tiny plot.

The grapes used to make Ch̢ateau Puy Mouton's All̩gorie Saint-Émilion Grand Cru come from a minuscule one hectare plot of old Merlot vines. To put that in perspective, that's a bit bigger than a football pitch or about the same size as Trafalgar Square. Saint-Émilion Grand Crus are placed under tighter restrictions than other wines from the regions, further restricting the yield that can be produced, so this is the epitome of boutique.

GRAPE: Merlot
REGION: Bordeaux
VINOTYPE: Sensitive
VINOTYPE: Tolerant
STYLE: Smooth And Structured Red