Château des Coccinelles Rouge

Red Wine

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Red 60% Grenache & 40% Syrah france image France


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Made by ladybirds. Well they lend a hand. Or six. Fresh, fruity & organic.

We love ladybirds. And so do the French Fabre family who make this wine. They plant wildflowers in their organic certified vineyards to attract them so that they’ll “mange” up all those pesky vine pests like spiders and aphids. The wildflowers also promote biodiversity and make their vineyards in Sinargues, right in the south of the Rhône valley, look as beautiful as this wine tastes.

As the ladybird covered labels suggest, the winery is named after the little spotted red bugs that merrily eat the less welcome bugs in this organic certified vineyard. There has been a trend for producing organic wines in recent years, but the Fabre family have always done this, it is in their blood.