Casata Mergè Cupido Rosso, 2021, Lazio IGT, Italy

Red Wine

Red Nero Buono & Cesanese italy image Italy


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I only came for a quick glass of something red & ripe; now I'm in love! Stupid Cupid.

Once this seductively drinkable little rascal sticks you with an arrow you’ll be hooked. Vibrant red, with aromas of  mature red fruits such as cherry, redcurrant and sour cherry. Cesanese is an ancient grape that’s starting to get the attention it deserves. Nero Buono is an intense, royal purple, fitting for the chubby little matchmaker of antiquity. Not looking to fall in love? Cupid doesn’t care.

On the border between Frascati and Monte Porzio Catone, in an area so picturesque the ancient Romans used to holiday there, live the disgustingly photogenic Mergè family. They treat the land they live on and their viticulture heritage as a precious gift, and try to create wines that respect and reflect that gift. The fact that the land is perfect for supporting old (like, century-old) vines helps a lot with that, but no one could deny that the secret is the hard work all three generations of the Mergè family put in.


GRAPE: Cesanese
GRAPE: Grape
VINOTYPE: Sensitive